Simple Solutions

for the world's most complex energy needs

EPC Corporation

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We believe in simplicity. And so will you.

EPC Corporation believes that reliable power conversion products should not be unnecessarily complicated.  Or unnecessarily expensive.

Founded in 2007 (as Enterprise Power Conversion Corporation) EPC has grown into a trusted manufacturer of power conversion products for the solar, electric vehicle, and battery backup industry.  Our line of cost-effective power conversion products provide both small and large enterprises with continuous, reliable power.
EPC Corporation is an employee-owned company, and we take pride in what we do.  All our products are engineered and manufactured in the United States, and distributed through a network of trusted dealers.  We use domestic components when available, and prefer local suppliers.  Only the most reliable components find their way into our products.  And it shows.

For more information about EPC products, or if you would like to become a supplier, please contact us at 508-923-9503.