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Battery Chargers

Transformerless battery chargers are a lightweight and economical solution for applications where weight is a concern.  Our transformerless units offer a weight savings of 10 to 65 pounds over conventional transformer-based chargers.  

All EPC chargers are insulated for wet location use, and feature grounded heatsinks.  Our IGBT-based chargers offer efficiency ratings as high as 96%, and standard models as high as 98%.  IP68 enclosures and liquid-cooling is available on most units.


(UP TO 2.3 kW)


(UP TO 12 kW)

200 AMPS

(10 to 60 kW)

Electric Vehicle Applications
EPC manufactures several on-board battery chargers for electric vehicles.  Most of our EV chargers are available with a standard J1772 vehicle connector, which allows for charging at all public Level 1 & 2 charging stations.
For your fast charging needs, we also offer Level 3 charging inlets on several of our on-board chargers.  Both CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo inlets are available.