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Power Converters and Grid Tie Inverters

Power Inverters

Our portable power inverters offer 1.5 kW to 8.0 kW (continuous) output, and are available in 12, 24, 48, and 72 volt input.

Portable Power Generators

EPC's new line of Digital Power Generators offer reliable power anytime, anywhere.  Unlike conventional fuel-based generators, our units are 100% solid state, and can be used anywhere.

Rack Mount Inverters / UPS

EPC offers a full line of rack-mounted inverters and UPS (uninterruptable power supplies).  Individual units are available to 10 kW, and can be stacked to over 100 kW.

Weatherproof Power Converters

Most EPC equipment is also available in IP-68 compliant enclosures, which allows installation in areas that are regularly exposed to water, salt, and corrosive chemicals.  

For your specific application, please contact EPC at (508) 923-9503