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DC Capacitor Banks

Our DC capacitor banks help condition lines by controlling surges/spikes, and eliminating voltage sags.  They also provide Electric Vehicles with additional power during peak demand, and increase the efficiency of regenerative braking systems.  Recommended for all industrial DC applications.

5000 Microfarad

12000 Microfarad

48000 Microfarad
AC Capacitor Banks

AC Capacitor Banks are required for load balancing and Power Factor Correction.

Poor power factor can result in higher energy costs, which translates into higher manufacturing costs.  EPC manufactures capacitor banks for all applications up to 2000 volts.
Super Capacitor Banks

Super capacitors offer very high energy densities, thanks to thinner dielectric materials.  They offer a nominal voltage of 1.2 to 2.7 volts per capacitor.

EPC offers pre-assembled supercapacitor banks for systems as large as 600 volts.