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Battery Assemblies

EPC stocks a wide range of Lithium, Lead-acid, and Nickel Metal Hydride cells.  We manufacture custom battery packs for solar storage, electric vehicles, and backup applications.

Lithium ion batteries are the ideal long-term power storage solution.  Various lithium chemistries are available with up to 80c discharge rates, and a 25+ year service life. Up to 260 wh/kg of energy density is available.
EPC stocks several large format lead-acid batteries, including submarine-style batteries that are capable of over 9,000-amp discharge rates, and a 50-year service life. 
Our nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) are an economical solution for power backup and off-grid storage systems.  They offer excellent power density, and life cycles that rival even the best lithium-ion batteries.
Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

EPC offers electric vehicle battery packs from 24 to 650 volts.  Individual battery packs are available from 2 to 180 kWh.
UPS / Backup Battery Modules

Our rack-mount battery units are ideal for both backup power and off-grid storage applications.  Modular design allows for easy expansion, servicing, and even hot-swapping capabilities.
Energy Storage Solutions

EPC offers complete energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Our modular rack systems are available with plug-and-play components, which allows you to service, upgrade, and replace equipment with zero downtime.