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Power Backup Units

Our backup systems allow your home or business to run uninterrupted during power outages.  Several systems are available, including standalone (wall mounted) systems, rack mounted, and emergency solar system activators.

Wall Mounted Batteries

Our wall-mounted backup systems are an easy, all-in-one solution to your energy backup needs.  The batteries, inverter, and chargers are all included in one enclosure -- greatly simplifying installation.  Several different size units are available for:

    • Per Appliance Backup
    • Per Room Backup
    • Partial Home (Critical Loads)
    • Whole House Backup

All of our wall-mountable systems feature lithium-ion batteries which offer a 20+ year service life.  Every system is manufactured in the United States, and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

    Rack-Based Systems

    EPC offers a complete line of modular, rack-based systems, which allows you to mix and match any EPC components, including inverters, chargers, and various sized batteries.

    Systems come configured for 48-volt battery modules, but other voltages are available on request.

    Batteries are hot-swappable, for maximum versatility and minimal downtime. 


    The EPC PowerStation is designed for larger-scale backup systems that use multiple battery types.

    As with all our rack-based systems, the PowerStation will accept all standard EPC hardware and batteries.  Large racks allow for redundancy, and high capacity configurations.

    Double conversion systems are available to completely filter out line noise and power fluctuations.  DC systems are also available up to 650 volts.