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Our DC Motor Controllers are ideal for marine and wet-location applications.
Other uses include electric vehicles, machine control, assembly lines, and high volume pumps.

DC Motor Controllers

Our direct current motor controllers are designed for all brushed DC motors, including brushed permanent magnet motors.  They can be used in harsh environments and are intended for sever duty applications, such as electric cars, winches, and material handling equipment.  All enclosures are sealed, and wet-location compliant for Marine use.  Wide voltage input range available in a single unit (24 to 380 volts).


For Smaller Electric Vehicles


For Larger Passenger and Commercial Electric Vehicles


For High Performance Electric Vehicles and Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications

Our EP-Junior and NEV controllers feature pre-installed, water-tight motor and battery cables, for fast and easy installation.  Plug-and-play firmware allows immediate use of our controllers, without the need for programming or setup.  
Technical support for electric vehicle controllers is also available at: